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Creating beautiful photos - it's creative work, and work. Work at least two people - a model and photographer. For a general view shows a list components of a classic photo shoot:

  • Rent studio: rent studio: from 100 EUR per hour;
  • Services make-up: from 100 EUR per image;
  • Costumer service: from 100 EUR per image;
  • Photographer's work: from 100 EUR per hour (depending on many factors);
  • Assistants: from 50 EURd per hour.

If there are interesting ideas and proposals can conduct photo shoots under TFP / TFCD. Commercial orders are discussed separately. The main terms of cooperation: MODEL RELEASE signing (an agreement on the use of images photographer in any way, except for situations that discredits a model).

Your photo may appear in the media, advertising, on an external site. The final selection of photographs is coordinated with the model and without the permission of the photo is not published. At the same time - one giving permission to publish some photos, as the judges can no longer deny.

To populate the model release you must be of legal age (within the law of your country) or have the written consent of one of your parents. Model, which is not satisfied with the conditions - I do not fit.

When completing the questionnaire, do not forget the most complete description of yourself and the desired end result. If you specify a shoot topless or nude - attach as an example of photos that give an idea about your figure.

Highly desirable to provide display photos without processing in Photoshop - I want to know how you look at life and not to 'glam' image. You get a ready-made pictures as they are processed.

Original photo files (RAW files) are not available (exception: pre-agreed commercial terms of order).

How to buy photos

My photos can be purchased. There are several different ways::

  • buy a photo on my site as a file;
  • buy a paper photographic print;
  • buy a poster;
  • buy a photo on a microstock.

Digital image.

When purchasing a digital image (picture as a file), you get the right to use the image in the media and on Internet sites.

If you are interested in other options for use of photos (eg: use of photography in advertising, exclusive rights to photograph or an opportunity to print the photo) the price is discussed separately.

After paying for your personal office will link using which you can download the image of maximum quality as JPEG. Ispolzutesya color model sRGB.

Paper prints (photographic prints).

All photographs are printed in a professional laboratory 'Fotoproject'. To print pictures using photo paper metallic, which has a wider color gamut and a special reflective effect.

Poster (photocast thumb on the base).

Poster - a paper print, thumb on the composite panel 'DIBOND', which consists of two strong sheets of aluminum with a layer of mineral filler. The result is kstoychivuyu deformation of a flat 'picture'. On the reverse side of the panel is installed krepelenie for mounting a poster on the wall with fishing line or wire.

Purchase photos at sinks (on microstocks).

Likewise my pictures are shown in microstocks - site selling photos. But there are present not all sold me pictures. If you are more comfortable with this way of shopping, you can buy pictures on the following sites:

Attention Not all are sold on the site photos. Well as possible ways to buy pictures vary from picture to picture.

Formats and sizes selling photographs, paper type, printing, formatting, as well as their price invented me. But you may request changes to any of these options including price. Email me message.

In order to buy the file, photographic print or a poster you details please select the desired size, put it in the basket and the basket to order, providing all the necessary data. After placing the order as soon as possible I will contact you to clarify details, payment methods and delivery.

CAUTION!!! Checkout users may only last a complete record of the verification e-mail addresses.

You can buy my photos on the following sites: